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Achieving Maximum Revenue Online

There was a good article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy about how “Why Charities Need to Take a Long-Term Approach to Online Relationships.” (Source Here)

The gist of the article is that online fund raising is not the same as direct mail online.  Online donors are not ATM machines, and they can’t be expected to treated as such, if you want to them to come back and give again.  Similarly, the approach of email blasts to all of your constituents once a month is not the best approach to achieving maximum revenues either.

The strategy must involve a relationship-based approach.  There needs to be human interaction involved on the other end of the computer.  People want to feel like their concerns or opinions are being validated online, similar to a personal interaction.  In other words, the online process should be treated as similar to major gift fund raising. It is relationship building. Otherwise you can never expect to achieve increased revenue through social media efforts or web platforms.

This is a pretty logical and sensible statement. I would love to hear stories of the best and most successful online programs to date for nonprofit groups. Because to this point I haven’t heard many examples of social media and online donations to be stronger than face-to-face visits and in-person asks.


Achieving maximum dollars online


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Online Giving in 2010

“Online Giving Continues to Grow, but at a Slower Pace, Chronicle Study Finds”

June 18, 2010

In another Chronicle of Philanthropy article. they highlight online giving. While recently they wrote about overall charitable giving being down by 11% for the Top 400 charities (article here), now they talk about online giving, which actually rose by 5% in 2009, according to the Chronicle’s annual survey.

I don’t think this is surprising.  It is very possible for overall donations to be down, while donations over the Internet continue to go up.  This only reflects a trend in society of more online usage. The majority of Americans now shop online. They are increasingly more confident in giving their credit card information online. So it only makes sense they start to do more charitable donations online as well.

Also, a lot of charities have become more savvy in promoting their website, and making online giving more accessible.  And because of the various social networks and charitable giving portals out there, it is a lot easier to research and access a particular nonprofit group.

I will venture to say that Internet giving is going to increase year over year for the  next decade.  And while it won’t become exponentially greater, there will certainly be a steady increase.

It is good for nonprofit organizations to immerse themselves more in social media, more effective websites, and more innovative campaigns to reach people through technology – especially the younger demographics that is more accustomed to doing things online.

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Fund Raising Strategy

It’s been a tough couple of years for fundraising.

For anybody involved in the nonprofit world, that comes as no big surprise.

Our economy remains down, philanthropy remains down.

Which means for struggling nonprofit organizations, it more crucial than ever to deploy fundraising resources effectively.

Of course, that is easier said than done.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy offers the following advice:

  1. Focus on Behavior, not Demographics
  2. Concentrate on just a few types of donors
  3. Keep track of all donors
  4. Develop a focused, consistent, simple marketing approach
  5. Spend time and money on actions that drive donor behavior

I think what they are getting at is to create a master plan and stick with it.

Stay disciplined, and the gifts will follow.

It is easy to panic, or to change your approach to chase dollars.

But if you remain singularly focused on your donor portfolio, and stay true to the mission, that is a better strategy than anything you concoct on the fly.

And it helps to remember that every other charity is in the same boat.

Times are tough, but our services must continue.

And without you, fearless fundraisers, all hope would be lost.

Stay strong, and stay focused.

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