How to make a case statement

At some point in the fund raising process, you are going to need to make a case to a prospective donor.

You’ve secured a meeting with a new donor, they have invited you into their home, and you are speaking about your organization and all the wonderful things you do.  Congratulations.  That is great.

But you must also be focused.  How can you present your group in the most compelling way possible?  That speaks about all the wonderful services you provide, but also highlights the need for more support.

In any pitch, you are going to need to touch upon the following 8 areas:

  1. State a mission and a need
  2. Document community need
  3. Profile strategies and tasks to alleviate need
  4. Identify who will benefit from the program
  5. Demonstrate organizational competency
  6. Specify resources required
  7. State how gifts can be made
  8. Communicate the benefits of making a gift

When listed as such, it sounds a lot more boring than when you are speaking.  You should be energized and motivated, walking around the room and engaging the donor.  Bring photos and videos and even real live people if you have to.

Just remember to cover all of these areas over the course of your presentation.

And above all, remember to listen to the donor.  Don’t keep speaking if you have lost them along the way. Take it slowly, answer questions.

Engage, and be engaging.

And if you have the most effective way to present a case, then I’d love to hear it here.


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