Relationship Fundraising

I recently read the “Relationship Fundraising” book by Ken Burnett, a Brit with extensive experience in fundraising for major international organizations.

Relationship fundraising can be described as the unique and special relationship between a nonprofit and each supporter.

Everything you do as a nonprofit is therefore geared toward making sure donors know they are important, valued and considered. Thus you will maximize donations from each donor in the long term.

With that said, here are the tenets of Relationship Fundraising.

The 10 Essential Rules of Foundations

  1. Successful fundraising involves storytelling
  2. People give to people, not to organizations
  3. You are not asking for money, you are asking for a partnership
  4. Need to harness the “power of emotion”
  5. Need to be able to see through the donor’s eyes
  6. Offer a clear proposition that people can relate to
  7. Be Mission-focused – present a brand with conviction
  8. Think long-term, but act with a sense of short term urgency
  9. Develop the potential of “experience fundraising”
  10. Always say “thank you” properly and often

These are the rules that I gathered after reading Burnett, and I believe the application is universal.

Although different charities operate in different fields for various causes, the practice of fundraising tends to be pretty universal, no matter what the cause is.


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