Fund Raising Strategy

It’s been a tough couple of years for fundraising.

For anybody involved in the nonprofit world, that comes as no big surprise.

Our economy remains down, philanthropy remains down.

Which means for struggling nonprofit organizations, it more crucial than ever to deploy fundraising resources effectively.

Of course, that is easier said than done.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy offers the following advice:

  1. Focus on Behavior, not Demographics
  2. Concentrate on just a few types of donors
  3. Keep track of all donors
  4. Develop a focused, consistent, simple marketing approach
  5. Spend time and money on actions that drive donor behavior

I think what they are getting at is to create a master plan and stick with it.

Stay disciplined, and the gifts will follow.

It is easy to panic, or to change your approach to chase dollars.

But if you remain singularly focused on your donor portfolio, and stay true to the mission, that is a better strategy than anything you concoct on the fly.

And it helps to remember that every other charity is in the same boat.

Times are tough, but our services must continue.

And without you, fearless fundraisers, all hope would be lost.

Stay strong, and stay focused.


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