10 Tips for Fundraising Success

Here is a list of 10 good tips to help your process:
  1. Make your own gift first. Whether you are a staff member or volunteer, the first rule of fundraising is to make your own gift. Why should someone else support your cause if you don’t?
  2. Start with top prospects first. A few successful solicitations will give you confidence when talking to prospects that need a little more persuasion.
  3. Don’t apologize when asking. This happens often. But it is not about you. You are asking others share in supporting vital services and programs that benefit everyone in the community.
  4. Recognize that most people expect you to ask. You will be calling on people who also believe in helping people. They’ve most likely supported you in the past, and they know what your programs are.  So don’t be afraid.
  5. Find your own voice. Be sincere. A canned sales pitch is never as effective as your own words.
  6. Do not procrastinate. Complete your assignment and turn in your results promptly.
  7. Remember the dynamics of giving. Give each prospect a chance to search his or her conscience. Once a decision is reached, accept the answer and go on to our next prospect.
  8. Remember that most people are generous. More than 75 percent of American families annually contribute to charitable causes. The odds are in your favor that your prospects will be receptive.
  9. Remember that people are not offended if you ask for too much.  People are not offended if you ask for a gift that is larger than they are able to make. In fact, most people are a bit flattered that you think they are capable of making a somewhat larger gift.
  10. Remember that you inspire people. It is your own personal enthusiasm and sincerity that will lead to success. People will admire you for your commitment.

Be brave, be inspired, and be aggressive

Good luck.


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