Nonprofit Guy Mission Statement

I don’t know if I have earned the title of “The Nonprofit Guy” quite yet, but I was the first to snag the URL, so I suppose that counts for something.  Nonetheless, I have a lot of good experience working in the nonprofit sector in Los Angeles, as a Program Officer for a private Foundation, as a Fundraiser for a major nonprofit organization (The American Red Cross), as a grant writer for a couple of grassroots startup nonprofits, and as a Board Member for yet another small nonprofit.   So I’ve seen some things over the years.

In this blog, I want to concern myself with the ways that nonprofits can strengthen their organizations.  Especially grassroots and startup orgs.  I will focus on fundraising, how to attract major donors, and creative ways to survive and grow.  And I want to encourage participation from those who are in the same position – trying to survive and grow.

There are approximately 50,000 registered 501c3 nonprofits in the 5-county region of Southern California. The rule still holds true that about 10% of the organizations are receiving 90% of the available dollars from foundations and corporations.  So often a smaller nonprofit is scaling an uphill wall, while simultaneously banging their head against said wall, just to get some funding.

Well I’m here to tell you that all is not lost. There is still hope. And there are ways to get ahead. Nonprofit organizations are the unsung heroes of this country. They fill in the holes where the public sector so often fails.  There are a necessary institution, and without nonprofit groups. and the tireless folks who are leading them, our society would be in a worse place.  So I salute your leadership. Keep fighting the good fight, and hopefully we can accomplish some good together.


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